Let’s co-create.

With a background in graphic design and music education, problem-solving through visual communication and meaningful collaboration will always be exciting to me. Currently, I'm involved in a combination of UI/interaction design and illustration.

Me, but a Nintendo Mii version

I’m Mayene (pronounced "My-en"), a Senior UI Designer and Game Artist.

My pronouns are she/her. I tweet a lot and it's often about design systems 💻, product design 📱, accessibility ♿, inclusive design & diversity 🧑🏻👩🏾👨🏽🧑🏼👩🏿, video games 🎮, donuts 🍩, and my bunnies 🐰🐰, all mixed in with occasional frequent tangents.

Feel free to contact me about my work or availability!

Find me on Twitter or LinkedIn. I also have an Etsy shop where you can find dozens of donut-themed arts & crafts. If you'd rather just look at cute pet photos, my boys (Kapi and Kylo) have a Tumblr.